Location of The Week #5: Valley of the Ten Peaks and Moraine Lake, Alberta, Canada

It’s that time of the week again, and my last location of the week before I head off on my trip to Canada and South America! This weeks feature destination is the enchanting Valley of the Ten Peaks in Alberta, Canada. Although I have not been there myself, I have heard many people speak wonderfully about the Valley and the accompanying Moraine Lake, which many people claim is the best the Canadian Rockies have to offer. It is located 15 km south of the Lake Louise Township in the Banff National Park, the oldest National Park in Canada. There are a number of popular hikes and campsites in the area that offer an unparalleled experience of the Canadian Wilderness, many of them leading to one of the ten 3000+ metre peaks. Visitors desiring a more civilised (and bear free) stay can accommodate themselves in one of the many Alpine Lodges in the area. The activities, however, don’t stop with hiking, as opportunities to canoe and ski are plentiful.


The most popular of the walking trails in the area is certainly the Rockpile trail, only 300 metres long but offering one of the most photographed views in all of Canada, the Twenty Dollar View;  its name due to its appearance on the 1969 and 1979 Canadian 20 dollar bills. For hikers seeking more of a challenge the Neil Colgan hut, the highest permanent structure in Canada at 2,957 metres, should be your destination. It is situated in a pass between Mount Little and Mount Bowen, two of the peaks overlooking The Valley. It is accessible through the Perren route, an 8 to 12 hour hike from the lake offering its own spectacular views of the valley.


I hope you’re now as inspired to visit The Valley of Ten Peaks as I am; I think I might go look at my calendar now! This is it for the location of the week posts for a while now as I will be working on bigger and better things while I’m away, although I will be posting a little bit here and there. Hopefully you’ll be seeing some of my writing in magazines soon as well as here on A Boy Who Travels.

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